WEEK 1-Just Google it?

Google has been my go-to whenever I’m stuck. Be it a tricky equation,  a foreign pronunciation, or even the fastest way to get from point A to point B, a quick Google search solves everything 💯.

However, I recently learned in my COM 125-Introduction to Internet 🌐 class that Google does not simply consist of the commonly known search engine, Gmail and Google Drive. In fact, there are many other projects that Google has embarked on and received not-so-positive 👿 responses.

Image result for bad response

For instance, Google+ was trying to imitate Facebook with its “Circles” function, which acts as a timeline to share content with friends. Ironically, a simple Google search led me to Google’s biggest failure: Google Wave 🏄. According to howstuffworks, Google Wave is a “collection of unnecessary features bundled together in unnecessary and often bewildering ways”. 😤

Perhaps in time to come, these failed projects may get picked up and integrated into the future Web 4.0 because as learned in class, Google was represented in the Web 2.0 category.

Image result for web 1.0 to web 4.0

Basically, Web 1.0 is a one-way 👤 platform that allows people to mainly read from the Internet.

Web 2.0, also known as the “Social Web” 👥 saw the potential of user-generated content which led to a collective intelligence.

Web 3.0, the “Semantic Web” 🌏, is where all information is categorized and stored to allow computer and human to understand. For instance, football ⚽ is a team sport, involves a ball, is played in a field, etc. This semantic information will allow computers to look up other matches based on similar properties.

Web 4.0 technologies will be able to apply the knowledge shared between data items and define context to do basic reasoning 💭. For example, if I’m doing research on Apple’s iPhone, I would not want my research to include recipes of apple pies or where to get fresh apples.

The possibilities of the Web are endless and I still have faith in GOOGLE 👍

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