WEEK 2-The power of social media

Recently, I chanced upon a mini-series on YouTube called SPARKS and I was pleasantly surprised.

This is actually a mini-series by DBS, yes, our homegrown bank in Singapore. Up till today, they have uploaded a total of 5 episodes, and based on audiences’ feedback, they might be coming up with more!

It is interesting to note that their videos were inspired by true events, making it more relatable to general public. All episodes of this mini-series have above 100,000 views and it is a breakthrough and successful advertising of DBS brand.

As I dug deeper into their YouTube channel, I found more interesting videos featuring the bank’s innovation and also videos providing tips and advice to the general public. These videos however, have attained lesser views but have definitely reached a wider mass as compared to traditional media.

According to an online scholarly article of Business Horizons, “the high popularity of content communities makes them a very attractive contact channel for many firms; this is easy to believe when one considers that YouTube serves over 100 million videos per day.”

Indeed, YouTube is one of the many marketing channels that have gained recognition in recent years. More notably known is Facebook, which has been utilised for paid advertisment and branding deals. However, another interesting article I found had nothing to do with paid advertisments, but more on the power of social media.

Image result for power of social media

According to this Buzzfeed post, Collin Ross shared a Facebook post promoting Whitbie’s Fish & Chips after his encounter with an endearing 69-year-old John McMillan, a Scottish immigrant and owner of the restaurant.

McMillan had difficulties making ends meet for the past 7 years and a simple gesture by a helpful and satisfied customer changed his life forever. Ross made a nice Facebook post, posted a photo of the shop with a plea for people to pay McMillan a visit.


And it blew up. The post has been shared more than 8,000 times and people are flocking to Whitbie’s. On Tuesday, more than 400 visited, followed by 500 the next day.

This Man Went From No Customers To 500 Thanks To A Single Facebook Post.

The title of this article couldn’t have been more apt in showing the power of social media.



2 thoughts on “WEEK 2-The power of social media

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  2. Hi Sherry,

    This post was pretty insightful as you brought in the series by DBS. Really good way to expand this weeks topic as DBS approach has definitely showed their creativity and take at innovation. I also strongly agree that Youtube is one of the fastest growing sites that is very useful for marketing hence it was good that you brought it in.
    Indeed a good read.

    Soniajit Kaur


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