WEEK 13-Hasta La Vista, Baby


That’s right guys. This is officially the last post on this blog. Feeling a little attached after all these weeks of posting, reflecting on what I learned about the internet.

Looking back, some posts were really interesting to write such as Week 2’s post: The power of social media, as I realised how much the social media can do, especially in this digital age we live in.

Social media can bring people together for a good cause or cause harm to individuals through flaming, threats, cyber-bullying etc. Indeed, it is our responsibility to optimise the internet, like how we are using it for educational purposes in this class!

Another post I found interesting was Week 8’s post: Cyber crimes in Singapore. The research I have done for this post was really insightful as I realised the extent of cyber crimes in Singapore and inevitably became more cautious when shopping online.

Also, after checking out a few of my friend’s blogposts (yes I stalk some of them), I found one of Hanis’ post on the Internet of Things really interesting because she explored some really cool inventions which I totally need in my life. Go check them out!

Finally, here is an interesting video by Wah!Banana that illustrates life with and without the internet, enjoy!

One last time, hasta la vista baby! 🙂