WEEK 9-Night Terrors AR

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Have you ever wanted to live in a survival horror game?

Imagine this. You are home alone. It’s the middle of the night and all the lights are off. You creep down the hallway with one hand dragging along the wall, your phone serving as a makeshift flashlight. You hear a young girl’s voice whisper from the bedroom and suddenly feel a chill down your spine. You pause. Your heart pounds. You creep forward, holding the phone higher, when suddenly, a high-pitched voice shrieks as your phone’s light starts rapidly flashing and a deformed headless man starts chasing you. You drop your phone. Game over.

That is the basic premise of ‘Night Terrors’, a mobile game app that takes augmented reality away to a whole new level, putting you inside an immersive survival horror experience.

Made by Novum Analytics, ‘Night Terrors’ is crazy ambitious. It uses your phone’s accelerometer, camera, flash, microphone, gyroscope, and GPS to make an accurate map of your house as you play. This means the “augmented” haunted house in the game is accurate to your real house, and the games effects are custom tailored to your real life.

Like Pokemon Go, you have to interact with the real world to play. Instead of catching Pokemon, you are running away from ghosts. As you wander, you will encounter strange things based on that map of your house. You play by looking at the world through your screen, while the app adds various effects to the environment to spook you out. If you always wanted to be part of a survival horror game, look no further – ‘Night Terrors’ promises you this experience, IN YOUR OWN HOME.

The game’s developers claim that the app can scan the layout of a player’s house to customize scares. It also has the ability to manipulate your phone by taking strange pictures and sending creepy texts.

The game controls what you see, what you hear, and where you go. You need to be in a pitch black environment to start playing. Your device’s LED is all the light you get. The camera and microphone feeds are analyzed and processed in real time. Photo-realistic elements are added to the camera feed. Instead of using computer-generated imagery (CGI), the ghosts are all “practical effects” made from physical objects. This means that the waterfall painting you have hanging behind your sofa could potentially turn into a ghost that comes haunting you.

You also need to put in your headphones when playing this game because the sound adds to the whole experience. The audio is spatialized, mixed with the microphone feed, and then routed to the headphones delivering an immersive binaural audio experience. This allows you to be immersed in the spooky sounds and frequencies in 360°, all around you.

There is also an added bonus for Apple Watch users. The game analyzes their heartbeat to increase the scares right as your heart starts racing. In other words, the goal will be to keep your heartbeat down so the ghosts won’t be able to hear. A super cool add-on that isn’t a requirement for the game, but definitely adds another unique layer to the overall experience.

Thinking of transforming your home into a haunted house yet?